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The Best Recruitment Exams In 2019. Prestigious And Reputed Jobs In India. Full Details

The Best Keyboard Shortcuts To Master Computer And Boost Your Online Productivity

The Best Keyboard Shortcuts To Master Computer And Boost Your Online Productivity

The Best Keyboard Shortcuts To Master Computer And Boost Your Online Productivity

The Best Keyboard Shortcuts To Master Computer And Boost Your Online Productivity

Computers have become a mainstay in human life as it has made life amazingly easy. 

Previously any work that would take a day or two to be completed can now be completed in a few hours or a few minutes with the help of the computer.

The easier the life computers have made, the faster the works have been done and with the passage of time even faster the work has to be done. 

And with almost every services going online the use of computers have also increased now even on your jobs and workplace

So, you can't rely on the traditional way of keyword use and in order to be right there on top, you must hone your keywords skill.

So we bring you The Best Keyboard Shortcuts To Master Computer And Boost Your Online Productivity which will help you work better and faster than anyone. 

This best keyboard shortcuts will save you a lot of time.

The Best Keyboard Shortcuts To Master Computer And Boost Your Online Productivity

Best Keyboard Shortcuts SHORTCUT KEYS


Best Keyboard Shortcuts FUNCTION KEYS


F1Opens the Help System for Active Window
F2Cancel the last action or rename a selected file
F3Cancel the Previous undo
F4Creates a new document in the program or repeats the last action in the active window.
F5Opens a document in programs that support this order or refreshes the current program window
F6Closes the document or file in the active window.
F7Reply to email in the active window.
F8Forwards the email in the active window
F9Send emails from the active window
F10Starts the spell check in the active window, if the spell check program is available
F11Save files in the current window
F12Save as

Best Keyboard Shortcuts  OTHER HELPFUL KEYS (SHIFT)

Shift+F1What's This?
Shift+F2Edit cell comment
Shift+F3Paste function into the formula
Shift+F4Find Next
Shift+F6Previous Pane
Shift+F8Add to selection
Shift+F9Calculate active worksheet
Shift+F10Display shortcut menu
Shift+F11New Worksheet

Best Keyboard Shortcuts.  (CTRL AND ALT KEYS)

Ctrl+F3 Define Name
Ctrl+F4 Close
Ctrl+F5 XL, Restore window size
Ctrl+F6 Next workbook window
Ctrl+F12 File Open
Alt+F1 Insert Chart
Alt+F2 Save As
Alt+F4 Exit
Alt+F11 Visual Basic Editor

Best Keyboard Shortcuts ( CTRL AND SHIFT KEYS)

Ctrl+Shift+^Exponential format
Ctrl+Shift+&Place Outline border around selected cells
Ctrl+Shift+_Remove Outline Border
Ctrl+Shift+F3Create names by using names of row and column labels
Ctrl+Shift+F6Previous Window
Alt+Shift+F1New Worksheet
Ctrl+`Toggle Value/ Formula Display
Ctrl+Shift+AInsert argument names into the formula
Alt+Down arrowDisplay autocomplete list
Shift+Ctrl+F6Previous workbook window
Ctrl+F7Move Window
Ctrl+F8Resize Window
Ctrl+F9Minimize Workbook
Ctrl+F10Maximize or Restore Window
Ctrl+F11Insert Macro sheet

Oprah Winfrey: The Five Rules of Oprah Winfrey For Better And Successful Life

Oprah Winfrey: The Five Rules of Oprah Winfrey For Better And Successful Life

Oprah Winfrey: The Five Rules of Oprah Winfrey For Better And Successful Life

Oprah Winfrey: The Five Rules of Oprah Winfrey For Better And Successful Life
[CC BY 2.0 ], via Wikimedia Commons

As we know, Oprah Winfrey has gone through a great deal in her life and her gratitude continues to prevail. 

And who better than her to talk about well-being and health? 

We've seen her struggle overweight, depression and thyroid problems throughout her life. 

It shows us, however, that it is better than ever. 

It is difficult to remain sad, Oprah Winfrey says, by focusing instead on what you got, and it is difficult to stay sad. 

Here are the 5 golden rules and philosophies that helped Oprah Winfrey in leading a better life.

The Five Rules of Oprah Winfrey For Better And Successful Life


"I can eat whatever I want; I just can not eat it at the same time, "Oprah said during an interview." That's the whole philosophy of life you can have it all, you just can not have it all at the same time."


"For me, the days have gone when I wanted to be thin to adapt to anything else that was not my best body and my best life," she commented after losing weight with Weight Watchers, of which she is a spokesperson, investor.


"I give myself a good dose of quiet time at least one per day," she commented in a post on his website dedicated to the power of Transcendental Meditation. "20 minutes in the morning, 20 in the afternoon".


"I've never set an alarm, I do not believe in them," she said. "They are ... alarming!" I put the number in my mind and I wake up before that, usually between 6:02 and 6:20, because the dogs are trained to leave at that time My first thought in the morning is: "Oh, I'm alive." Thank you! ' "


"Breathe in. Let it go, and remember that this moment is the only one that exists with certainty," she said, speaking about the secrets of success and happiness.
The Coca-Cola Company: History, Facts and Secrets Of The Coca Cola Company

The Coca-Cola Company: History, Facts and Secrets Of The Coca Cola Company

The Coca-Cola Company: History, Facts, and Secrets Of The Coca Cola Company

The Coca-Cola Company: History, Facts and Secrets Of The Coca Cola Company
User: Husky [CC BY-SA 3.0 from Wikimedia Commons


From its origins, Coca- Cola Company quickly became one of the most consumed soft beverages in human history, in addition, Coca- Cola Company has always been one of the world's most valuable brands.

With the discovery of its main product, also known as Coca- Cola, the history of Coca- Cola is clear. 


The history of Coca-Cola Company was born clearly with the discovery of its main product, also called Coca-Cola.

The story of one of the most significant drinks in human history begins in an accident when John S. Pemberton invented the formula for Coca- Cola, one of the world's most famous and best kept secrets, in attempting to create a syrup that could combat digestive problems. 

The Jacobs Pharmacy in Atlanta was the first place where the drink was sold and its reception has since been progressive, and they already sold nine glasses a day on average in their first year for five cents each.

Since Pemberton's discovery, he predicted the soda success, it was the accounting officer, Frank Robinson, who promoted the drink brand from the outset, calling it Coca- Cola. 

Robinson also thought that the drink initials would very well be written in Spencer calligraphy in advertising. 

The first Coca Cola ad " Delicious and Cooling Beverage" was published on the papers at that time.

This record was made at the US Patent Office in 1887, prior to John Pemberton 's imminent success, in copyright for the brand " Coca- Cola Syrup and Extract." 

From  1888 pharmacist Asa G  Candler started to gain control over the Coca- Cola staff and patents, who also remained largely a member of Pemberton and his partners.

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Asa Candler completed the acquisition of this company in 1892, and like a Georgian corporation incorporates The Coca- Cola Company.

The " Coca- Cola" trademark, written in Spencer's calligraphic work, was registered with a patent office two years after the acquisition by Candler in 1893. 

The first dividend of the new company will be paid at the end of this year. After the founding in 1895 Asa Candler declared in the annual report of the enterprise that " Coca- Cola is sold and drank in all states of the United States, its expansionary promotion and consumption have become accelerated across the United States.

In 1898, the company's first building was acquired by Coca- Cola, the growth of which led to its having to be transferred to larger sites five times in only 12 years.

 By 1899 the enterprise decided to sell the drink bottle rights acquired by Benjamin F in most of the United States.

 Thomas from Chattanooga, Tennessee, specified that Chattanooga should be the first city to bottle Coca- Cola in contractual form.

The company made clear its wage when it arrived in the 20th century, transforming the drink into an American icon, which is why, for the first time ever since it was established. 

It had more than $ 100,000 of advertising budget– a bet which seemed to continue to yield results because Coca- Cola announced by 1904 that it had over one million gallons of soft drink annually.

By 1906, Coca- Cola 's history had turned out to be the first country outside the USA to bottle Coca- Cola since the operation began in Canada, the Cuban and Panamanian territories. 

Another major event in Coca- Cola was the signature of a 50-year promotion contract that began the partnership with the D'Arcy Advertising Company.

Coca- Cola 's recently founded advertising alliance began to emerge rapidly as each soda- font was decorated in later years with company festivals and announcements. 

Moreover, the company was connected to this day as a sponsor of teams and baseball athletes. 

By 1911 the market- scandalous advertising budget of up to $ 100,000 ten years ago now exceeded $ 1 million.

 Coca- Cola has a total of 259,499 USD in painted wall commercials, 11,011 USD in pencils and 5,411 USD in napkins.

In 1919 the Coca-Cola Company was acquired in about $25 million by a new group of investors led by Ernest Woodruff. 

By 1923, Coca-Cola introduced its first carton packaging for six bottles which would revolutionize the beverage sector with this innovation, which was patented one year later. 

By 1959 Coca-Cola had global growth, with more than 1700 bottling plants in more than 100 countries distributed through a network. Coca-Cola announced that drinks like Spirit and lemon-lime would be introduced in the sixties. 

In the history of Coca-Cola, there was an unprecedented event in 1985. 

The commercial product obtained from the new formula was announced as "new coke, "since its formula had been altered for the first time in 99 years. 

This generated demonstrations against consumers still attached to conventional Coca-Cola. 

Given the constant protests, 79 days later the beverage, renamed Coca-Cola Classics, was returned to the market.

 Afterward, Coca-Cola has several variants in its original beverage, including Coca-Cola light; the Coca-Cola food, Coca-Cola coffee free, Coca-Cola zero and Coca-Cola vanilla; 

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The Coca-Cola formula has always insisted that the claims be rejected and ensure that the original formulation is kept out for the general public, although there are many rumors of this being discovered. 

The formula was found in a safe in Guaranty Bank, in New York since 1979, and was placed in the custody of the Sun Trust Bank of Atlanta, Georgia, six years later, in 1925, when it remains for 86 years. 

Currently, and since 2011, the formula is located in a security vault of the museum "The World of Coca-Cola" in Atlanta, where it was taken in commemoration of the 125 years of the company.
How to File A Complaint In The Consumer Forum in 2019. What Are The Recent Changes And  Step by Step procedure and Full Details of All The Latest Changes and Rules.

How to File A Complaint In The Consumer Forum in 2019. What Are The Recent Changes And Step by Step procedure and Full Details of All The Latest Changes and Rules.

How to File A Complaint In The Consumer Forum in 2019. What Are The Recent Changes And  Step by Step procedure and Full Details of All The Latest Changes and Rules

In the modern world of competition, several brands come up with great innovation and improvisation in their products and services to attract more customer and keep themselves one step ahead of other companies.

 The facilities of the products have increased, new products are also being launched by companies from time to time. 

But as many products are being launched in the market with modern technology, there also has been a drastic increase in the frauds.

From time to time there have been reports of the fraud from several parts of the country and a massive increase have been recorded in the last few years. 

So, in order to protect the right and retain the faith of the consumers and buyers and to make the consumers safe from such frauds and scams, the government has set up consumer forums also known as, consumer court where consumers can lodge a complaint against the fraud seller and supplier. 

If you're also a victim of such fraud or you want to be aware of how the forums work, the rules and process of filing a complaint and want to know your rights and other obligations, stay with us because we will discuss everything below in this article. 

As a consumer, you must have to know everything in details about the Consumer Court so that you can act quickly and properly if you're cheated by the seller. So let's begin. 

How to File A Complaint In The Consumer Forum in 2019

But before knowing How to File A Complaint In The Consumer Forum in 2019 let us know some of the basic things about the consumer forum. It is very important to know the aspect of this, because after knowing everything in details, you can act very quickly and without any problems.


The consumer forum is a government body which is set up to protect the rights of the consumer under the Consumer Protection Act, 1986. 

In the consumer forum, complaints are lodged against the fraud seller and the supplier. 

These forums are set up at the district, state, and national levels which solve the problem of consumers according to the level of fraud and punish the seller under the law.

Consumer forums come under the ministry of consumer affairs and Food and Public Distribution. 

Consumer forum is set up to protect the right of the consumer against both goods and services, whether it has been taken on rent or installment, frauds arising of cash payments or real estates properties or any other goods and services. 

Who Can Complain in the Consumer Forum?

1. Victim Consumer.
2. Any Firm, Registered or Unregistered
3. Any person, even if he is not the actual victim.
4. Hindu Undivided Family (HUF)
5. State Government
6. Central Government
7. Co-operative society.
8. Any group of people.
9. In case of the death of the original victim, his/her legal heir.

Who can be complained against?

1. Shopkeeper.
2. Company.
3. Dealer
4. Service Provider.

Where a consumer can complain?

1. District Consumer Forum

If the complaint or case is up to the amount of Rs.20 lakhs, then the complaint has to be made in the District Consumer Forum.

2. State Consumer Forum

If the case of the complaint is from Rs 20 lakh to Rs 1 crore, then the complaint has to be made in the State Consumer Forum.

3. National Consumer Forum

If the matter of the complaint is more than Rs one crore, the complaint is made in National Consumer Forum. 

Each Consumer Forum has a filing counter where complaints are lodged between 10.30 am and 1:30 pm.

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What should be in the complaint?

1. The name and address of the complainant and the opposition.

2. In support of the allegations contained in the complaint, documents such as case memo receipt agreements, etc. should be presented

3. No lawyer is required, only the complaint letter and the complainant's sign should be present.

4. What is the complaint about? That is why are you lodging a complaint.

Complaint Fee

Amount Of ComplaintFee Amount

Up to 1 lakh rupees

Up to5 lakh rupees
Rs. 200

Up to 10 lakh rupees
Rs. 400

Up to 20 lakh rupees
Rs. 500

Up to 50 lakh rupees
Rs. 2000

Up to 1 crore rupees
Rs. 4000

How Can A Consumer File a Complaint?

To file a complaint in the consumer court, you get four options. Let us see all of them in details

Offline Complaint

The consumer should write down the complaint on a plain paper A4 sized with full details of name and address of the complainant and the opposition party and also other details, and the application must have to be submitted along with the other supporting documents such as the cash memos, Receipts, Agreements etc., 

There should be 3 copies of the complaint application to be submitted, one copy for the office and one for the opposition party. 

You can fill the complaint by yourself or with the help of a lawyer, either way, the complaint fees should be paid through postal order or demand draft which is to be drawn in the name of the district or state consumer forum.

Complaint by Toll-Free Number

You can also file a complaint by making a call in the Consumer Forum Complaint center. For this, you have to make a call in the toll-free number 1800114000 or 14404 to register your complaint. 

The timing to make the complaint can be between 9:30 am to 5:30 pm all days, except the National Holidays.

Complaint through SMS

For filing a complaint in the consumer forum through SMS, you will need to send an SMS on this number 8130009809. After you send the SMS anyone from the Consumer Forum will get you back in a few minutes and then you can fill a complaint easily.

Online Complaint

You can also file an online complaint against the seller. For this you have to follow certain procedures, let's see them down below.

1. First of all, you must log on to the National Consumer Helpline website at https://www.consumerhelpline.gov.in/

2. After you log on to the official site, click on the sign-up button and after you click you will get a consumer registration form.

3. In the registration form, you will need to provide some basic information about yourself, such as your first and last name, contact number, Email or Username, and password. After providing this information you will need to click on the sign-up button and you must verify your Email-Id.

4. After you verify your Email Id you can sign in to proceed to the next step and while you sign in, you must have to agree to some privacy policy or some categories that will be listed on the portal site.

5. After you agree to those conditions you will be redirected to the online complain registration page where you can file the complaint against the vendor. 

6. You will need to provide everything that will be asked while lodging the complaint online. You also must have to submit the supporting documents that will be asked while filing the complaint. 

So, this is the process of how you can file a complaint in the consumer Forum very easily. 

If you Still have any doubt or questions regarding to the this, feel free to drop a comment below. Your comments are most welcomed. 

To get more of such information please make sure to follow our blog and keep visiting. Thanks for your time and we hope you like this article. Let us know in the comment section. 

10 Things That You Must Stop Doing  As Soon As Possible For A Better And Successful Life

10 Things That You Must Stop Doing As Soon As Possible For A Better And Successful Life

10 Things That You Must Stop Doing For A Better And Successful Life

10 Things That You Must Stop Doing  As Soon As Possible For A Better And Successful Life

We all crave for a better life -- both personal and professional. In a world where you need to keep improving every single day, sometimes most simple things can  hamper our happiness and fertility. 

Happiness and emotional freedom do not always involve acquiring new skills and various things, but our approach towards something also does matter a much.

You can achieve a better and successful life by removing something that disturbs you. So you will learn about 10 Things That You Must Stop Doing  As Soon As Possible For A Better And Successful Life.

10 Things That You Must Stop Doing  As Soon As Possible For A Better And Successful Life --

1. Stop running away from your problems.

They will come back anyway if you don't take proper care of them. Running away from your problems is not a solution. Take some time to think about the difficulties of life and possible solutions. Write the problem down on the page and begin to ask yourself what you can do to solve the problem. It won't be easy, but the bigger the challenge, the more learning it will give you. You do not always manage to solve your problems right away, but just getting used to them makes a huge difference.

2. Stop pretending to be someone you are Not.

One of the biggest challenges is being yourself. This is because the media and society are pressing you to comply with certain kinds of requirements. And you should only have to feel good on your own skin. In the end, it is no coincidence that people who receive the greatest attention, respect and love are the most genuine and true people. So, what is the point of creating artificial figures, as they are just an illusion? 

-- 6 Tips For Starting and Growing a Successful Business

3. Stop lying to yourself.

Lying to yourself gives you a very short relief and the ability to escape problems, but in the long term creates mental pathologies and conflicts between personalities. Be true to yourself and have no fear of telling the whole truth to yourself. Even if it doesn't work, It builds a strong and good relationship with you which is an important component of self - esteem. If you keep lying to yourself, you will never succeed. Somewhere inside you, you'll always know what the truth is. 

4. Stop focusing on what you do not want in life.

Your thoughts and emotions are a kind of energy you send out. It returns to you, although usually in some other situations of life. Therefore, if you focus on destructive thoughts and emotions, the same thing happens to you in your life. However, if you start to create positive energy in yourself, you will find new colors in reality.  

5. Stop putting your needs at the end of the queue.

If you can not take care of yourself, how do you want to care for other people? Your life, YOU are the most important and the time that You will get used to this thought. Man is evolutionally programmed to take care of his own butt first. Unfortunately, this trait is superseded by society and called "egoism", which makes people feel guilty when they have to focus their attention on themselves. The result is seeking acceptance from others and expects people to look after us. Take care of yourself first - this is another important foundation of your self-esteem. Only then take care of others. A good relationship with yourself will give you the power to deal with the problems of others.

6. Stop wasting your time on things that do not matter.

The time that you have to use is limited, so start truly to value every minute of your day. Do not assume that you will now apply to work in order to have more free time and free time in your life. That will not happen, because your life is already here and now. If you can not appreciate it today, why do you think that it will change in the future? your life is now. Determine what is important to you and do not let yourself waste time on non-essential things. Are the things you do every day, both at work and after it, important to you? If not, give them up. 

 7. Stop blaming others (and yourself) for your problems.

You have no control when you have no responsibility. And if you have no control, you're helpless and expect other people to change or solve your issues. If anything is a problem for you, it's because you see it. It's not someone's fault, it's not even your fault either, accept it as a current situation and take responsibility for what's going on. Check back and think about what you can do to change it. Transferring responsibility outside is very easy, but at the same time, it is not trustworthy. 

Jack Ma's Top 10 Rules For Success

8. Stop proving your worth to others.

If you need to prove to others that you are a valuable person it shows that you are not convinced about it yourself. Keep your focus on building an inner relationship with yourself and building strong self-esteem. And then the need to show others that you are funny, sociable and self-confident disappears.  

9. Stop spending time with people you do not want to spend time with.

There may be people near you who somehow inhibit your development or suppress your positive attitude to life. Do not keep a relationship with them just because fate binds you together. If you are used to these types of people then just keep yourself away from the company of such people. Stay with people who help you to be who you are. Establishing new, healthier relationships may take some time, but it will become a source of greater life joy and will develop a good life for you.

10. Stop talking unpleasant things to yourself.

Listen to your inner conversation and see what you say every day. Are these words positive, supportive and inspiring? Or rather critical, unpleasant and outrageous? Change your dialog using several techniques that are effective. Let your inner critic also become your intimate friend. You can start from scratch to improve your relationship with yourself. Start with a big smile and you can enjoy a jolly, enjoyable and joyful day!

STARBUCKS: Origin, History And Evolution

STARBUCKS: Origin, History And Evolution

STARBUCKS: Origin, History And Evolution

STARBUCKS: Origin, History And Evolution
 DarkFritz assumed, via Wikimedia Commons


The Starbucks Corporation is an American coffee chain Company that was founded in the city of Seattle, Washington in 1971. Founded by Jerry Baldwin, Gordon Bowker, and Zev Siegel, Starbucks is the largest coffeehouse chain in the world. 

The company came into existence when three friends, Jerry Baldwin, Gordon Bowker, and Zev Siegel who met at the San Francisco University had a trip to Europe and found there the real way of consuming coffee of the highest quality and took all as inspiration in making the quality and art of coffee of highest level.

All the three Starbucks founders were coffee lovers and thus they borrowed money and invested in the opening of the first store.


The first store was opened at the streets of the epic Pike Place Market. They sold roasted coffee beans of high quality and flavors and depended on sharing the experience of the best coffee with clients, who were extremely pulled in to the European style of coffee and the lovely smell that the store had. 

Hence, this place ended up being a great achievement and managed to gain the attention of Howard Schultz who was an accomplished salesperson of a supplier company of the Pike Place store. 

see: Real Madrid: Origin, History, Superstars, Achievements, and Facts


In 1982, Howard Schultz decided to join the company as Director of Sales and Marketing Operations Schultz after he discovered the extraordinary potential in the company.

After joining he tried to convince the company to begin serving drinks and expand their business along with the sale of coffee beans, however, Baldwin and Bowker didn't want to get into the cafe business that served cappuccinos and espressos and only wanted strictly to be involved in the sale of coffee beans. 

One year later in 1985, Howard Schultz realized that he wouldn't be able to convince Baldwin and Bowker and decided that the best thing was to leave and started his own coffee chain company called  "II Giornale", which was successful immediately and was expanded into many cities.

However, two years later, the Starbucks executives decided to sell the company and Howard Schultz was quick to respond and eventually purchased Starbucks. 

He merged his company II Giornale into Starbucks brand and started the expansion of the coffee-chain all through the United States along with the sales of beans, equipment, and other items.


From 1987 to 1992 Starbucks opened 161 stores, surpassing the initial objective that had been intended to open just 150 stores in 5 years.

In spite of the fact that Schultz had predicted that they would keep on having losses in the early years, Starbucks shockingly began to be profitable in 1990. 

In 1988, Starbucks decided to give comprehensive medical benefits to every one of its employees.  At that time, a benefit what was unique in relation to what the guidelines required and which in truth today still separate Starbucks from other companies of the Americans. 

A couple of years after the fact, in 1991, the Starbucks Coffee Company presented another new benefit for its employees called the Bean Stock.

In 1996, Starbucks had in excess of 1,000 stores all through the United States and Canada and also opened its first store through Starbucks Coffee International in Japan. 


In the year 2000, Howard Schultz decided to leave his post to deal with  the worldwide strategy and dedicated more time to basketball which his another passion and Jim Donald was appointed to his post 

  However, in 2008 Jim Donald was dismissed by the shareholders from his post and brought  Howard Schultz back in to assume his post as CEO. 

He hit a letter to all his employees on the day he took charge again as CEO. 

He said,  "The company must shift its focus away from bureaucracy and back to customers." He made his objective very clear: "Reigniting the emotional attachment with customers.
"The previous leadership had blamed the economy and the higher cost of dairy products for the slump in business. They had also stated this as a reason to hike prices. However, Schultz had a very different perspective. He told the employees, "The company shouldn't just blame the economy; Starbucks's heavy spending to accommodate its expansion has created a bureaucracy that masked its problems.
By the early 21st century, Starbucks made its presence in more than 15 countries across the globe with over 20,000 stores worldwide. 

As of 2017, the company had 277,000 employees worldwide and as of 2018, Starbucks is present on 6 continents and in 76 countries with over 27,000 locations.


The Best Recruitment Exams In 2019. Prestigious And Reputed Jobs In India. Full Details

The Best Recruitment Exams In 2019. Prestigious And Reputed Jobs In India. Full Details

The Best Recruitment Exams In 2019. Prestigious And Reputed Jobs In India. Full Details

The Best Recruitment Exams In 2019. Prestigious And Reputed Jobs In India. Full Details

Though there are numerous private jobs offering luxurious workplace and the lifestyle,  people in Indian crave for Government Job.

This is a known fact but the question remains to be answered is "WHY"?

This is because of the fact that the government employees enjoy a maximum number of benefits, on the other hand, they also have security.

They not only enjoy exceptional benefits such as fixed working hours, promotions, job security, retirement benefits, extra salary and holidays where they are paid but also the prestige. 

The prestige which the government employees get is beyond any businessman earnings. 

There are some highly prestigious government services in India which are worth taking up.
The love for one's nation is never out of one's pride and Government jobs provide a beautiful opportunity for everyone seeking to serve the nation along with the benefits of lifelong securities of not only you but also your families. So why not go for it? 

Below you can find the Best Recruitment Exams For 2019 that will get you the most Prestigious And Reputed Jobs In India.

The Best Recruitment Exams in 2019. Prestigious And Reputed Jobs In India. Full Details:


UPSC refers to union public service commission. It is the central job recruitment agency that offers the most prestigious government jobs in India. UPSC is responsible for the recruitment of every Indian service which serves for the recruitment of the officers such as IAS, IPS or IFS. There is another exam under the UPSC called CDS which provide recruitment of lieutenant in army, air force officers.

So, after completing the graduation if you are looking to join the above mentioned prestigious Indian government jobs you must have to crack the UPSC civil services exam. After passing out the exam you will be recruited with a Grade A level government job and this job, being one of the most prestigious and highly esteemed jobs, cracking the UPSC Civil Services exam is by no means an easy task. It is the most difficult exam of India, however proper preparation and hard work will get you through and you can crack this exam if prepared in a systematic way. 

Age Limit: The Age limit set for appearing this exam is between 21-32 years and if your age falls in this bracket, you are eligible to appear the exam. However, for the reserved categories, the number is different. Please visit the official website of the respective body to check all the details.

Notification: The notification for this exam come out in April and the exams are held in August. The date might be tentative at times but remains around that time frame, without much of a change.

Attempt: A candidate can attempt for a maximum number of 6 for clearing the exam. You cannot exceed the attempt limit of 6 times. 

Click  here to know more about UPSC.



You can go for RBI Grade B exams if you are looking to join Reserve Bank of India after the completion of your Graduation. This Grade B post in the Reserve Bank of India is a highly esteemed government job in India and the exam draws huge participation of the millions of students. 

Like the UPSC Civil Services, this exams is also one of the toughest exams in India but proper preparations can get you through easily. 

After you crack the exam you will be recruited at the entry-level position in the management cadre of the Reserve Bank.

Notifications: The notification for the exam generally comes out in June and the exam is held somewhere around August.

Age Limit: The age limit to appear the exam is up to 32 years.  you are eligible to sit the exam up to 32 years of age and you are by no means allowed to appear the exam after you cross the limit of 32 years. The rule is applicable for every caste including ST and SC.

Attempt: You are allowed a maximum number of 6 attempts to clear the exam. 

Click here to know more about RBI Grade B exams.


This is another highly demanded exams in India with lacs of students appearing the exam every year. If you want to be a Probationary Officer and join the Indias biggest bank, SBI, you can prepare for the Sbi PO exams. After you crack the exam you will have to complete a training period of 2 years before you are selected as the Probationary officer of the SBI. 

Notifications: The Notifications for the exams come out around April.

Exam Date: You need to go through the pre-exams before you get to the mains exam of the SBI PO. You can only appear the main Sbi PO exam after you clear the pre-exam. 

The Pre exam is held around June and the mains is held in August. This dates are again tentative and can change sometimes so it is advisable to visit the official websites of the respective bodies. 

After you clear both the pre and mains exams you will have to go through the interview and you must have to complete all the three steps before getting recruited as a PO in the SBI.

Eligibility: You should be a graduate with a minimum of 60% to appear in the exam. If you scored less than 60 percent of the marks on graduation you are not eligible on the exam. 

The age should be between 21-30 and You are allowed a maximum number of 4 attempts to clear the exam. 

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Institute of Banking Personnel Selection (IBPS) Probationary officer (PO) is an entry-level post for any officer in Bank. This is another demanded job in India as almost lacs of students appear in the exam. This is little less competitive compared to SBI PO as the salary and other benefits there are better. 

However, unlike SBI PO, here the chances of recruitment are bigger and on a larger scale because many banks are tied up with IBPS and thus this exam might get you a post in any nationalized bank of the country. 

Notification: The notification of the exam comes out in July and the exam pattern is quite similar to the SBI PO. Like the SBI PO, the IBPS PO also does have pre and a mains exam. The pre-exams generally happens in the month of October and the mains are held in November. The syllabus is also quite similar to the SBI PO exams. 

Eligibility: The age period for appearing this exam is between 20-30 years. However, there is some relaxation for the reserved category.

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SSC CGL jobs are one of the most prestigious jobs under the central government. Among a plethora of careers opportunities to see, the jobs provided through SSC CGL exams are among the best in the country. Most of them fall under the employment of Central Government of the country. However, this exam has been criticized in recent times for some bad reasons and has been protested against it by some students and other bodies.

The Grade B and Grade C recruitment of Central Government is done through SSC CGL exams. This exam is also one of the toughest exams in India but proper preparations can get you through easily. 

Notification: The Notifications for the exams come out around February or March and the exams are held in May and August.

Eligibility: The age eligibility for such exams is between 18-32 years and you must hold the graduation degree for appearing the exam.

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