What is Google Adsense And How You Can Make Huge Money From Google Adsense ..


What is Google Adsense?  How to make huge money from Google Adsense 

Earn Huge Money From Google Adsense.

Google Adsense is an advertising program from Google that you can integrate with your website, blog or YouTube channel to monetize your contents and generate some revenue.

Google Adsense works perfectly for the website and blog contents or YouTube video publishers who display advertisement on their website and YouTube channels and thus they can earn money when visitors view or click the ads. 

Google Adsense was launched in the year 2003 by Google and is currently one of the biggest advertising programs in internet .

How Does Adsense work

The whole process is simple and perceptive . Advertisers display Ads on your Website, Blog or YouTube channel through google Adsense for which they pay Google a certain amount of money to display their Advertisement. Google Keeps a some money and pays the remaining Ad revenue to the publishers. 

For example, suppose the advertiser pays Google $6 for displaying an Ad 1000 times here Google will keep $2.4 and pay the remaining $3.6 to the publishers .

The amount of money an Advertiser pays depends on many factors such as, the topic of the website , the country of origin of the website, time in which the advertisement is shown etc. It is not at all fixed. 

Google Adsense’ work is based on the cost per click and revenue sharing basis. Google keeps around 32 percent of the total amount charged from the advertisers for per Ad click and pays 68 percent of the amount to the publishers. 

Having said that, the money you earn doesn’t necessarily depend only on the Cost Per Click (CPC) value in your topic.It also depends upon how the Ads match your viewers liking, the traffic on your page, the location of the Ad on your page etc. So you must make sure that you write a genuine and post every time, pay attention on the appearance on the website and try to test different placements within the page to find the most efficient options.

The amount of targeted traffic also determines the earnings . All the viewers and visitors who come to your page might not  necessarily click on the Ad that you have placed on your page. So you need to have more traffic on your websites for having a chance of getting more clicks on the Ads. For this you need to create a lot of quality and unique contents and obviously work very hard for achieving new heights.

How Does Adsense work


Before you get started with your website you will need to do some good research about the niche and keywords you are going to start with as it is highly beneficial to create your website with the keywords that are less competitive. That said though though, it is also always reasonable to start with a topic that you are familiar with as it will help you express yourself in a more better and precise way.

With Google Adsense  you can make handsome money and if Adsense is used in proper way it will give you earnings on a long term basis . It is not a program which will make you rich overnight. It certainly takes some time to earn you money. As you go on  and keep posting quality contents and with this you can obviously generate a huge traffic to your website , you can surely earn real fame and money. 


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