The Origin Story of Tesla



              Tesla – Origin, Facts and Size

Tesla - Origin, Facts and Size

              THE ORIGIN OF TESLA

Only a decade old Tesla is already a gigantic and popular in most part of the world. Tesla, founded in the year 2003, is an American multinational corporation that is based on Palo Alto, California builds electric vehicles , lithium-ion  battery energy storage among others. 

Over the year the electric cars never saw much hope.  But  in July 2003 a world changing event happened. In this year Tesla motors was founded by Martin Eberhard and Mark Tarpenning. The very next year Elon Musk invested  into the company and joined Tesla’s Board of Directors  as its Chairman

An American nationwide survey found that the Tesla’s model S was the most loved vehicle in America . Now the other big brands are also joining the revolution of electric car. Motor Companies such as BMW and Mercedes are now getting involved in the fully electric movement . Even Apple is believed to have an electric car by the year 2020. 

So lets have a look at how it all started for Tesla and how it became so gigantic in a very short span of time  and how big is it when compared to other traditional car companies. 


From the very beginning Musk always wanted Tesla to be something special. It’s long term aim  was to create affordable electric vehicles for everyone . 

Elon Musk overlooked the product design of the company’s first ever car the Tesla Roadster. Elon’s design was so good that he received the Global Green 2006 product designer of the year for his work on the Roadster. The Roadster was the first production electric vehicle with a range of over 320 kilometres on  single charge.

In 2007 Tesla went from strenght to strength and received investment from well recognised entrepreneurs which included Google’s Co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin. However, in 2008 the fall out of the Global Financial crisis forced Tesla to cut their workforce by 10 percent which included key personnel . 

Later in the year 2008 Elon Musk became the CEO of the company and he also contributed 70 million dollars of his own money into the company . In 2009 Tesla also received a loan from the US government which supported the engineering and production of the Model S sedan .

Tesla - Origin, Facts and Size

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Tesla unveiled the Model S, an all electric sedan on March 26th 2009 . The company had become profitable by August 2009. In the year 2010 Tesla went public and by doing so they became the first American Carmaker to go public since the Ford Motor company in 1956.

The success of Tesla is just that more amazing because of the public’s resistance to electric cars . Before Tesla, electric cars were just seen as quirky strange devices and taken had been taken seriously. And to prove themselves Tesla just had to be better than the rest in every single way. 

Tesla is always ahead of the any other traditional cars. There’s no noise in a Tesla or neither there is any vibration, its much cleaner. It has instant torque and acceleration which means it’s extremely fast. It is much better when it comes to handling and even better than the most sports car due to its extremely low center of gravity and also due to its unique battery weight distribution . Tesla is also much safer than any standard car. 

Now this  takes us to something about How big  Tesla really is when compared to other car companies

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Tesla - Origin, Facts and Size

            How Big is Tesla?

Tesla haven’t been around for a long enough but currently they’re already worth more than Fiat, Mitsubishi motors, Mazda Renault and Suzuki with  a market cap of more than 50 billion dollars. So far Tesla has sold more than 200,000 cars which is much lesser than some of biggest car companies but one has also to keep in mind that those traditional companies have been around for a long time.  The company has 38000 employees and made 11.8 billion dollars in revenue in the year 2017 although that number is remarkably smaller compared to the bigger companies but it’s not any bad for a company that is only a decade or so older company. 

The road is only upwards for Tesla from here on. Tesla is a brand new smaller company just a decade old but it still managed to cause much change in the automotive world is really adorable. With a vision of change to the world Tesla is here to stay. With its astounding and stupendous innovations Tesla has already changed the thinking of the people towards the Automobile world . 

The supercharger charging stations will also allow people to freely move around without any cost and have already been installed in many parts of America and gradually the growth is getting only bigger. 

 So this was about Tesla, which in a very short span of time achieved so much success and became so much popular . It has already smashed many records with its so good innovations. To be on the top already for just a decade old company it requires so much, especially in the automobile market which is one of the toughest market to break into. That is some milestone to achieve. 

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