How to Become an IAS .. Detailed information about IAS | UPSC Civil Services

How to Become an IAS .. Detailed information about IAS

Indian Administrative Services (IAS) is one of the most prestigious and coveted jobs in India. An IAS officer is responsible for the maintenance of law and order , revenue administration and general administration in the area under him.  Functions of an IAS officer include collection of revenue and maintenance of law and order . 
Being one of the most coveted and respected jobs in India, it is also one of the toughest jobs in India.

You have to go through many exams to be an IAS officer which is no easy. People often say that they are preparing for IAS exam is literally not correct . You don't prepare for IAS but you prepare for the Civil Services exam which is conducted by Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) under which there are many services and one of them being IAS . There are also other services such as IFS, IPS, IRS etc . Once you clear the civil services exam you get selected and the posting is done on the basis of ranking . 

Civil Services exam is often said to be the most toughest exam in India. There are some who keeps trying to crack the exam during their entire life with their remaining number of attempts. But there are also some who cracks it in a single or the next attempt they write the exam. It requires a lot of hard work and dedication to crack the exam. And still at times, you need luck along with hard work and determination but being that said luck doesn't matter much because it is the secondary thing.  A hard work and dedication can still come over the luck thing and make you see the success in the exam. 

 Eligibility for IAS

One must have a minimum of Graduation degree for being eligible to sit in the exam . If you're looking to prepare for the civil services exams after 12th you have to wait until you complete your Graduation on any field such as Bsc, Bcom, BCA, BBA, B.TECH or any other field . A minimum of Graduation degree is required for being eligible to prepare for the exam . It doesn't really matter in which stream you passed your 12th or completed Graduation. It can be any of the streams such as Science,Arts or Commerce to make you eligible for preparing the civil services exam. 

Age Limit and Number of Attempt

Anyone who belongs to general category can write the exam from the age of 21 to 32 and a maximum of 6 attempts are allowed for the General category . 

If you belong to the SC/ST category you'll be provided with  unlimited attempts to clear the exam from the age between 21 to 37. 

One who belongs to OBC category can have a maximum of 9 attempts to crack the exam . The age limit here is 35 years. 

For a physically disabled person the age limit that has been kept is from  21 years to 42 years. And the number of  attempt for a physically disabled is 9 if he/she belongs to General or OBC category . For a physically disabled person belonging to ST/SC category the number of attempt is again unlimited in between of 21 to 42 years of age. 

Attempts are counted only when you write the exam and not when you fill the form but didn't go to write the exam for any reason. So attempt is not counted when someone was not present to write the exam.

Pattern for UPSC examination

There are 3 levels or stages in UPSC Civil Services Examination. 

Level 1 or prelims consists of 2 papers. Paper 1 consists of General Studies and Paper 2 consists of  CSAT- Aptitude. Both the papers are MCQ based . Merit is based on paper 1 only and paper 2 is only qualifying exam.

After clearing the prelims exams  you go to Level 2 or Mains which consists of 9 papers which make a total of 1750 marks . These 9 papers are completely subjective which also includes Essay writing. The mains exam is really quite tough and maximum of retrenchment occurs in the Mains exam. 

After clearing the Mains exam one has to go for the Level 3 or interview which is of 45 minutes long. It is a personality test carrying 275 marks which is the final hurdle . It tests the overall suitability of candidate for further career in Public Services. One must have to be very much updated to the latest happenings, current Affairs to crack the interview.

A candidate's rank in the UPSC Civil Services Exam  depends only on the marks scored in the Main and Interview. Prelims is not taken in consideration as far as ranking is concerned.

Having said that, One who is looking to prepare for the Civil Services exam has to prepare in every possible aspect if he is looking to clear the exam. As we know it is one of India's most toughest exams one has to clearly make strategies to work accordingly. It's no easy to crack the exam but hard work and determination never lets anyone down ..

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