A Brief History Of Industrial Engineering: Origin, Beginnings and Facts


A Brief History Of Industrial Engineering: Origin, Beginnings, and Facts

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Every time that it’s been tried to ascertain the origin of the economic engineering, it is confused with the beginnings of the economic revolution, withal, the origin of a number of its techniques goes back to the agricultural revolution. 

At that point, some improvement techniques were employed in order to optimize the productivity of rural economic activities. Among the key points of improvement within the agricultural revolution, you will find:

  • Renewal of cropping systems (more advanced rotations, suppression of fallow)
  • Improvement of the technique (tooling, subscriber) and therefore the
  • Reorganization of the exploitation.
Once the agricultural revolution is allotted, it considerably influences (displacing labor and nutritious the next population) to the commercial revolution. 

The time period called historic period is that the epicenter of the birth of commercial Engineering as a collection of techniques aimed toward applying analytical ways complemented with rational experiences of human organizations, extraordinarily necessary ways during an amount of economic transformation that concerned facing issues of workshop address.


In 1760, the French creator  Jean Perronet contributes to the abstract development of what’s currently called technology, through the study of times for the manufacture of parts for construction, being this pioneering study within the determination of labor cycles.

In 1793, the Yankee creator inventor developed Associate in Nursing enforced for the primary time what’s called a line, this being doable through the invention of interchangeable production components.

In 1895 seems within the United States the primary systematic presentation of what was known as scientific direction, supported a publication by Frederick Taylor given to the Yankee Association of Business Engineering. 

Along with Taylor,  Frank Gilbreth along with his studies on methodology improvement and motion analysis are the pioneers of business Engineering.

The techniques of business Engineering began to require hold within the United States.

At the start of this century and currently has unfolded to most nations of the planet, causative to boost the quality of living and increase the productivity and aggressiveness of the folks.
The following people with their contributions have influenced the progress and development and shaped the consolidation of the Industrial Engineering:

  • 1930 Leonard A. Seder:  Defect prevention technique.
  • 1931 Walter Shewhart: Control charts.
  • 1932  HB Maynard: Method engineering
  • 1943  Kaoru Ishikawa: Cause-and-effect diagram 
  • 1947 George Elton May: Hawthorne Effect
  • 1947 George Bernard Dantzig: The Simplex method
  • 1950 William Deming: Quality “statistical process control”
  • 1950 Taichi Ohno: Toyota Production System
  • 1951 Armand Feigenbaum: Total Quality Management (TQM) 
  • 1955 Genichi Taguchi: Design of experiments
  • 1960 Shigeo Shingo: SMED System 
  • 1960 Dorian Shainin: Statistical engineering
  • 1966 Joseph Moses Juran:  Circles of quality
  • 1967 Philip Kotler: Marketing Administration
  • 1969 Peter Drucker: Modern Administration
  • 1970 Seiichi Nakajima: Total Productive Maintenance System
  • 1972 Russell Ackoff: Socio-technical systems
  • 1979  Michael Porter: Competitive Strategy 
  • 1980 Philip B. Crosby: Zero defects
  • 1980 Noriaki Kano: Model of Kano
  • 1980  Eliyahu M. Goldratt: Theory of restrictions
  • 1985 Masaaki Imai: Kaizen Method
  • 1990 Mikel Harry: Six Sigma
  • 1992 Robert S. Kaplan: Balanced Scorecard
  • 1993 Michael Hammer: Reengineering Processes

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