The Best Recruitment Exams In 2019. Prestigious And Reputed Jobs In India. Full Details


The Best Recruitment Exams In 2019. Prestigious And Reputed Jobs In India. Full Details

The Best Recruitment Exams In 2019. Prestigious And Reputed Jobs In India. Full Details

Though there are numerous private jobs offering luxurious workplace and the lifestyle,  people in Indian crave for Government Job.

This is a known fact but the question remains to be answered is “WHY”?

This is because of the fact that the government employees enjoy a maximum number of benefits, on the other hand, they also have security.

They not only enjoy exceptional benefits such as fixed working hours, promotions, job security, retirement benefits, extra salary and holidays where they are paid but also the prestige. 

The prestige which the government employees get is beyond any businessman earnings. 

There are some highly prestigious government services in India which are worth taking up.
The love for one’s nation is never out of one’s pride and Government jobs provide a beautiful opportunity for everyone seeking to serve the nation along with the benefits of lifelong securities of not only you but also your families. So why not go for it? 

Below you can find the Best Recruitment Exams For 2019 that will get you the most Prestigious And Reputed Jobs In India.

The Best Recruitment Exams in 2019. Prestigious And Reputed Jobs In India. Full Details:


UPSC refers to union public service commission. It is the central job recruitment agency that offers the most prestigious government jobs in India. UPSC is responsible for the recruitment of every Indian service which serves for the recruitment of the officers such as IAS, IPS or IFS. There is another exam under the UPSC called CDS which provide recruitment of lieutenant in army, air force officers.

So, after completing the graduation if you are looking to join the above mentioned prestigious Indian government jobs you must have to crack the UPSC civil services exam. After passing out the exam you will be recruited with a Grade A level government job and this job, being one of the most prestigious and highly esteemed jobs, cracking the UPSC Civil Services exam is by no means an easy task. It is the most difficult exam of India, however proper preparation and hard work will get you through and you can crack this exam if prepared in a systematic way. 

Age Limit: The Age limit set for appearing this exam is between 21-32 years and if your age falls in this bracket, you are eligible to appear the exam. However, for the reserved categories, the number is different. Please visit the official website of the respective body to check all the details.

Notification: The notification for this exam come out in April and the exams are held in August. The date might be tentative at times but remains around that time frame, without much of a change.

Attempt: A candidate can attempt for a maximum number of 6 for clearing the exam. You cannot exceed the attempt limit of 6 times. 

Click  here to know more about UPSC.


You can go for RBI Grade B exams if you are looking to join Reserve Bank of India after the completion of your Graduation. This Grade B post in the Reserve Bank of India is a highly esteemed government job in India and the exam draws huge participation of the millions of students. 

Like the UPSC Civil Services, this exams is also one of the toughest exams in India but proper preparations can get you through easily. 

After you crack the exam you will be recruited at the entry-level position in the management cadre of the Reserve Bank.

Notifications: The notification for the exam generally comes out in June and the exam is held somewhere around August.

Age Limit: The age limit to appear the exam is up to 32 years.  you are eligible to sit the exam up to 32 years of age and you are by no means allowed to appear the exam after you cross the limit of 32 years. The rule is applicable for every caste including ST and SC.

Attempt: You are allowed a maximum number of 6 attempts to clear the exam. 

Click here to know more about RBI Grade B exams.


This is another highly demanded exams in India with lacs of students appearing the exam every year. If you want to be a Probationary Officer and join the Indias biggest bank, SBI, you can prepare for the Sbi PO exams. After you crack the exam you will have to complete a training period of 2 years before you are selected as the Probationary officer of the SBI. 

Notifications: The Notifications for the exams come out around April.

Exam Date: You need to go through the pre-exams before you get to the mains exam of the SBI PO. You can only appear the main Sbi PO exam after you clear the pre-exam. 

The Pre exam is held around June and the mains is held in August. This dates are again tentative and can change sometimes so it is advisable to visit the official websites of the respective bodies. 

After you clear both the pre and mains exams you will have to go through the interview and you must have to complete all the three steps before getting recruited as a PO in the SBI.

Eligibility: You should be a graduate with a minimum of 60% to appear in the exam. If you scored less than 60 percent of the marks on graduation you are not eligible on the exam. 

The age should be between 21-30 and You are allowed a maximum number of 4 attempts to clear the exam. 

You can click here to know more about SBI PO EXAMS.


Institute of Banking Personnel Selection (IBPS) Probationary officer (PO) is an entry-level post for any officer in Bank. This is another demanded job in India as almost lacs of students appear in the exam. This is little less competitive compared to SBI PO as the salary and other benefits there are better. 

However, unlike SBI PO, here the chances of recruitment are bigger and on a larger scale because many banks are tied up with IBPS and thus this exam might get you a post in any nationalized bank of the country. 

Notification: The notification of the exam comes out in July and the exam pattern is quite similar to the SBI PO. Like the SBI PO, the IBPS PO also does have pre and a mains exam. The pre-exams generally happens in the month of October and the mains are held in November. The syllabus is also quite similar to the SBI PO exams. 

Eligibility: The age period for appearing this exam is between 20-30 years. However, there is some relaxation for the reserved category.

 You can visit the link for more details by clicking here.


SSC CGL jobs are one of the most prestigious jobs under the central government. Among a plethora of careers opportunities to see, the jobs provided through SSC CGL exams are among the best in the country. Most of them fall under the employment of Central Government of the country. However, this exam has been criticized in recent times for some bad reasons and has been protested against it by some students and other bodies.

The Grade B and Grade C recruitment of Central Government is done through SSC CGL exams. This exam is also one of the toughest exams in India but proper preparations can get you through easily. 

Notification: The Notifications for the exams come out around February or March and the exams are held in May and August.


Eligibility: The age eligibility for such exams is between 18-32 years and you must hold the graduation degree for appearing the exam.

Click here to know more about SSC CGL.




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