How to File A Complaint In The Consumer Forum in 2019. What Are The Recent Changes and Full Details of All The Latest Changes in Rules.

How to File A Complaint In The Consumer Forum in 2019

How to File A Complaint In The Consumer Forum in 2019. What Are The Recent Changes And  Step by Step procedure and Full Details of All The Latest Changes and Rules

In the modern world of competition, several brands come up with great innovation and improvisation in their products and services to attract more customer and keep themselves one step ahead of other companies.

 The facilities of the products have increased, new products are also being launched by companies from time to time. 

But as many products are being launched in the market with modern technology, there also has been a drastic increase in the frauds.

From time to time there have been reports of the fraud from several parts of the country and a massive increase have been recorded in the last few years. 

So, in order to protect the right and retain the faith of the consumers and buyers and to make the consumers safe from such frauds and scams, the government has set up consumer forums also known as, consumer court where consumers can lodge a complaint against the fraud seller and supplier. 

If you’re also a victim of such fraud or you want to be aware of how the forums work, the rules and process of filing a complaint and want to know your rights and other obligations, stay with us because we will discuss everything below in this article. 

As a consumer, you must have to know everything in details about the Consumer Court so that you can act quickly and properly if you’re cheated by the seller. So let’s begin. 

How to File A Complaint In The Consumer Forum in 2019

But before knowing How to File A Complaint In The Consumer Forum in 2019 let us know some of the basic things about the consumer forum. It is very important to know the aspect of this, because after knowing everything in details, you can act very quickly and without any problems.


The consumer forum is a government body which is set up to protect the rights of the consumer under the Consumer Protection Act, 1986. 

In the consumer forum, complaints are lodged against the fraud seller and the supplier. 

These forums are set up at the district, state, and national levels which solve the problem of consumers according to the level of fraud and punish the seller under the law.

Consumer forums come under the ministry of consumer affairs and Food and Public Distribution. 

Consumer forum is set up to protect the right of the consumer against both goods and services, whether it has been taken on rent or installment, frauds arising of cash payments or real estates properties or any other goods and services. 

Who Can Complain in the Consumer Forum?

1. Victim Consumer.
2. Any Firm, Registered or Unregistered
3. Any person, even if he is not the actual victim.
4. Hindu Undivided Family (HUF)
5. State Government
6. Central Government
7. Co-operative society.
8. Any group of people.
9. In case of the death of the original victim, his/her legal heir.

Who can be complained against?

1. Shopkeeper.
2. Company.
3. Dealer
4. Service Provider.

Where a consumer can complain?

1. District Consumer Forum

If the complaint or case is up to the amount of Rs.20 lakhs, then the complaint has to be made in the District Consumer Forum.

2. State Consumer Forum

If the case of the complaint is from Rs 20 lakh to Rs 1 crore, then the complaint has to be made in the State Consumer Forum.

3. National Consumer Forum

If the matter of the complaint is more than Rs one crore, the complaint is made in National Consumer Forum. 

Each Consumer Forum has a filing counter where complaints are lodged between 10.30 am and 1:30 pm.

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What should be in the complaint?

1. The name and address of the complainant and the opposition.
2. In support of the allegations contained in the complaint, documents such as case memo receipt agreements, etc. should be presented

3. No lawyer is required, only the complaint letter and the complainant’s sign should be present.

4. What is the complaint about? That is why are you lodging a complaint.

Complaint Fee

Amount Of Complaint Fee Amount
Up to 1 lakh rupees Rs.100
Up to5 lakh rupees Rs. 200
Up to 10 lakh rupees Rs. 400
Up to 20 lakh rupees Rs. 500
Up to 50 lakh rupees Rs. 2000
Up to 1 crore rupees Rs. 4000

How Can A Consumer File a Complaint?

To file a complaint in the consumer court, you get four options. Let us see all of them in details

Offline Complaint

The consumer should write down the complaint on a plain paper A4 sized with full details of name and address of the complainant and the opposition party and also other details, and the application must have to be submitted along with the other supporting documents such as the cash memos, Receipts, Agreements etc., 

There should be 3 copies of the complaint application to be submitted, one copy for the office and one for the opposition party. 

You can fill the complaint by yourself or with the help of a lawyer, either way, the complaint fees should be paid through postal order or demand draft which is to be drawn in the name of the district or state consumer forum.

Complaint by Toll-Free Number

You can also file a complaint by making a call in the Consumer Forum Complaint center. For this, you have to make a call in the toll-free number 1800114000 or 14404 to register your complaint. 

The timing to make the complaint can be between 9:30 am to 5:30 pm all days, except the National Holidays.

Complaint through SMS

For filing a complaint in the consumer forum through SMS, you will need to send an SMS on this number 8130009809. After you send the SMS anyone from the Consumer Forum will get you back in a few minutes and then you can fill a complaint easily.

Online Complaint

You can also file an online complaint against the seller. For this you have to follow certain procedures, let’s see them down below.

1. First of all, you must log on to the National Consumer Helpline website at
2. After you log on to the official site, click on the sign-up button and after you click you will get a consumer registration form.

3. In the registration form, you will need to provide some basic information about yourself, such as your first and last name, contact number, Email or Username, and password. After providing this information you will need to click on the sign-up button and you must verify your Email-Id.

4. After you verify your Email Id you can sign in to proceed to the next step and while you sign in, you must have to agree to some privacy policy or some categories that will be listed on the portal site.

5. After you agree to those conditions you will be redirected to the online complain registration page where you can file the complaint against the vendor. 

6. You will need to provide everything that will be asked while lodging the complaint online. You also must have to submit the supporting documents that will be asked while filing the complaint. 

So, this is the process of how you can file a complaint in the consumer Forum very easily. 

If you Still have any doubt or questions regarding to the this, feel free to drop a comment below. Your comments are most welcomed. 

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