The Coca-Cola Company: History, Facts and Secrets Of The Coca Cola Company


The Coca-Cola Company: History, Facts, and Secrets Of The Coca Cola Company

The Coca-Cola Company: History, Facts and Secrets Of The Coca Cola Company
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From its origins, Coca- Cola Company quickly became one of the most consumed soft beverages in human history, in addition, Coca- Cola Company has always been one of the world’s most valuable brands.

With the discovery of its main product, also known as Coca- Cola, the history of Coca- Cola is clear. 



The history of Coca-Cola Company was born clearly with the discovery of its main product, also called Coca-Cola.


The story of one of the most significant drinks in human history begins in an accident when John S. Pemberton invented the formula for Coca- Cola, one of the world’s most famous and best kept secrets, in attempting to create a syrup that could combat digestive problems. 

The Jacobs Pharmacy in Atlanta was the first place where the drink was sold and its reception has since been progressive, and they already sold nine glasses a day on average in their first year for five cents each.

Since Pemberton’s discovery, he predicted the soda success, it was the accounting officer, Frank Robinson, who promoted the drink brand from the outset, calling it Coca- Cola. 

Robinson also thought that the drink initials would very well be written in Spencer calligraphy in advertising. 

The first Coca Cola ad ” Delicious and Cooling Beverage” was published on the papers at that time.

This record was made at the US Patent Office in 1887, prior to John Pemberton ‘s imminent success, in copyright for the brand ” Coca- Cola Syrup and Extract.” 

From  1888 pharmacist Asa G  Candler started to gain control over the Coca- Cola staff and patents, who also remained largely a member of Pemberton and his partners.

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Asa Candler completed the acquisition of this company in 1892, and like a Georgian corporation incorporates The Coca- Cola Company.

The ” Coca- Cola” trademark, written in Spencer’s calligraphic work, was registered with a patent office two years after the acquisition by Candler in 1893. 

The first dividend of the new company will be paid at the end of this year. After the founding in 1895 Asa Candler declared in the annual report of the enterprise that ” Coca- Cola is sold and drank in all states of the United States, its expansionary promotion and consumption have become accelerated across the United States.

In 1898, the company’s first building was acquired by Coca- Cola, the growth of which led to its having to be transferred to larger sites five times in only 12 years.

 By 1899 the enterprise decided to sell the drink bottle rights acquired by Benjamin F in most of the United States.

 Thomas from Chattanooga, Tennessee, specified that Chattanooga should be the first city to bottle Coca- Cola in contractual form.

The company made clear its wage when it arrived in the 20th century, transforming the drink into an American icon, which is why, for the first time ever since it was established. 

It had more than $ 100,000 of advertising budget– a bet which seemed to continue to yield results because Coca- Cola announced by 1904 that it had over one million gallons of soft drink annually.

By 1906, Coca- Cola ‘s history had turned out to be the first country outside the USA to bottle Coca- Cola since the operation began in Canada, the Cuban and Panamanian territories. 

Another major event in Coca- Cola was the signature of a 50-year promotion contract that began the partnership with the D’Arcy Advertising Company.

Coca- Cola ‘s recently founded advertising alliance began to emerge rapidly as each soda- font was decorated in later years with company festivals and announcements. 

Moreover, the company was connected to this day as a sponsor of teams and baseball athletes. 

By 1911 the market- scandalous advertising budget of up to $ 100,000 ten years ago now exceeded $ 1 million.

 Coca- Cola has a total of 259,499 USD in painted wall commercials, 11,011 USD in pencils and 5,411 USD in napkins.

In 1919 the Coca-Cola Company was acquired in about $25 million by a new group of investors led by Ernest Woodruff. 

By 1923, Coca-Cola introduced its first carton packaging for six bottles which would revolutionize the beverage sector with this innovation, which was patented one year later. 

By 1959 Coca-Cola had global growth, with more than 1700 bottling plants in more than 100 countries distributed through a network. Coca-Cola announced that drinks like Spirit and lemon-lime would be introduced in the sixties. 

In the history of Coca-Cola, there was an unprecedented event in 1985. 

The commercial product obtained from the new formula was announced as “new coke, “since its formula had been altered for the first time in 99 years. 

This generated demonstrations against consumers still attached to conventional Coca-Cola. 

Given the constant protests, 79 days later the beverage, renamed Coca-Cola Classics, was returned to the market.

 Afterward, Coca-Cola has several variants in its original beverage, including Coca-Cola light; the Coca-Cola food, Coca-Cola coffee free, Coca-Cola zero and Coca-Cola vanilla; 

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The Coca-Cola formula has always insisted that the claims be rejected and ensure that the original formulation is kept out for the general public, although there are many rumors of this being discovered. 

The formula was found in a safe in Guaranty Bank, in New York since 1979, and was placed in the custody of the Sun Trust Bank of Atlanta, Georgia, six years later, in 1925, when it remains for 86 years. 

Currently, and since 2011, the formula is located in a security vault of the museum “The World of Coca-Cola” in Atlanta, where it was taken in commemoration of the 125 years of the company.


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