The Ultimate Ways To Make Money Online. The Formulas That Will Work Wonders In 2019


The Ultimate Ways To Make Money Online. The Formulas That Will Work Wonders In 2019

The Ultimate Ways To Make Money Online. The Formulas That Will Work Wonders In 2019

So you want to make money online.

You have probably read a lot of articles from different bloggers or watched a ton of videos talking about making money online easily or without much work.

And You may have also found that most of the people talking about those topics are hardly earning anything but come up with the great ways to make money online.

And what’s ironic is those people who only earn money by promoting or selling online courses will always give you the wrong information by telling you that their course will help you earn money very easily and fast.

First of all, you need to know that making money online is never that easy or fast. It never has been and probably will never be so simple and fast. 

It takes time and a lot of effort and some sacrifice. You have to put a lot of effort and hard work along with the smart work to earn your first dollars. 

Something I seriously want you to tell is just run away from those people that tell you to complete some surveys or click on ads to make money.

If you find someone who is really earning money online, just ask them and they will tell you the effort and hard work they put in order to generate their first dollars. 

You might have to spend sleepless nights, invest lots and lots of hours to learn and give up many parties or vacations while trying to earn something out of the internet.

But after all those efforts and hard works along with the sacrifice you put in, it will be worth it as long as you are going in the right direction.

Today in this post we are going to take you through to the 10 Great Ways To Make Money Online. The Formulas That Will Work Wonders In 2019. If you follow some basic rules and principles then there is none who can stop you from being successful and earn a lot of money online on your comfort. 

But before I get started let me remind you that here in this article you’ll not get any nonsense way to make money online like income from online surveys or by completing a task online and neither this is that easy. If you want to make real money, you’ll have to work hard as well as smart. 

So without a further due let’s jump in straight to the main topic that we are here for. 

Earn Money From Website And Google Adsense 

One of the best ways to make money online in today’s world is to create a website and monetize it with Google Adsense. This is the best possible way to generate passive income with the help of a website and Google Adsense. 

Here you’ll need to choose a niche (or Category) that you have an interest in and some basic writing skills along with a good grip over the knowledge of that particular niche. 

Speaking in a simple way, you need to create a website about a topic, attract readers by writing some attractive articles and once you can attract them, they can earn you very good money when they visit your website to learn something out of what you write. 

The good thing here is you don’t have to convince your readers to buy anything in order to generate money. The reader visits your website and when the reader clicks on an ad displayed somewhere on your webpage, you earn money. This is known as PPC(Page Per Click).

There are many ad networking platforms out there, but the best which you can get monetize with is Google Adsense. They are very transparent and have the reputation of being the fastest and best ad networking platform in the world of internet. 

To get started with the Google Adsense all you need to do is to sign up by visiting the official Adsense web page and follow the steps assigned to you. To know more in details about Google Adsense Click Here. 

 Earn money from Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the most affordable and easiest ways to make money online. If you want to make money without investing a single buck this is the income source you need to shoot for.

This way of earning money barely requires any knowledge or investment but the potential for earning money is really very high.

As a beginner, this has to be the best way to earn money online.

To begin earning from affiliate marketing the best way is to create a website and publish some contents like a review of a product or product recommendations and sell the products out of those by putting an affiliate link and once you convince your readers to buy the product you earn a commission out of that transaction.

If you are a student or just getting started and not too quite sure about what is the future of online earning and don’t want to put a single penny there’s another way you can earn money from affiliate marketing without any investment. Yeah, you heard that right. 

All you need here is a social media account like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, and even a YouTube account. It’s not hard to find someone without social media account, so let’s assume you already have one. 

Now all you need to do is Social media marketing. Get those product affiliate links and share with your friends and families and when they buy the product you earn money as commission. 

Let’s say you’re passionate about smartphones. You can create an affiliate account from any online store (the most popular being the Amazon affiliate) and once you sign up for affiliate you will get the links for every single product and you can share with the people that ask you about the product price to those who are interested in buying a smartphone. 

Create A YouTube Channel

YouTube is a video sharing mega giant platform that has rocked the internet in every nook and corner of the world. There is probably no internet user who doesn’t use this platform in today’s world. You can use this platform to earn a lot of money by uploading your videos and getting it monetized with Google Adsense. 

YouTube is the second biggest search engine behind Google and it has been speculated that YouTube might soon peep google to become the biggest search engine, which means that the economic potential of YouTube is also booming. 

That being said though, as the popularity is growing the competition in youtube is skyrocketing as well. Every single internet user wants to come to youtube and earn money and fame. But if you go on a very systematic way and good strategy and make high-quality contents there’s nothing that is going to stop you from being one of the gems in youtube.

When it comes to money making on youtube the sky is the limit. But Youtube doesn’t pay you as much money as a blog website can make you money.

Youtube has been accused of paying very low money but if you can bring something very unique content to the table, in a short span of time it is possible to generate some good money with a Youtube channel. 

You should upload videos consistently if you want to make money with YouTube, and it is not really going to earn you money instantly but as you keep progressing and moving forward or if your videos become viral there’s a lot of chance of gaining huge subscribers and viewers. 

And when you achieve a certain milestone of say 100,000 or 200,000 subscribers your income will start to earn more money just you need to maintain a proper strategy.


A new and another great way to make money online is by selling products online. Drop shipping is a business model that doesn’t require investment in stock and it gives you a good profit margin as well.

There are people who make more than 4,000 USD per month of profit with this simple business model and there’s no way you can’t make the same or even more. 

The drop shipping business model allows you to not worry about keeping any stock or taking care of the shipment. You just have to send the order details to the manufacturer and with the help of automated systems, the manufactures will take care of getting the products to your customer.

You don’t need to manufacture products. You just have to find a popular manufacturer with a good customer base and sell their products through your websites or any other platform which add your margin in the price. 

For drop shipping business you can go with the Chinese suppliers because they provide the products in the cheapest possible price and give you good handsome margins.

Despite the fact that you will have to go through the import process, you will get a healthy margin out of the transactions. 

There are certain limitations of dropshipping such as the lengthy procedure of completion of sell and this not being the quickest way of sale you must have to choose a good and quick drop shipping platform. The one I recommend here is Ali Baba drop shipping. There is a plugin available for you called Alidropship which is a drop shipping plugin and it has everything readymade for you to get going. 


Are you ready to make money online or are you already using any of the platforms to make money online? Which one of the above-mentioned way of making money online excited you? Share your opinion with us by leaving a comment down below.

If this article helped you in generating an idea for your next online business or you found this helpful, I’ll thank you very much if you can share it on one of the social platforms with your friends and families. Thank you! 


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