UEFA EURO Qualifiers . Full schedule and Team Details




UEFA EURO Qualifiers. Full schedule and Team Details

UEFA EURO Qualifiers . Full schedule and Team Details
Portugal is the defending champion of UEFA EURO, winning 2016 edition. image- uefa.com








UEFA EURO Qualifiers | UEFA European championship commonly called as the UEFA EURO is one of the most popular footballing events in the world. It is spread all over Europe and the European countries fight for glory.




The UEFA EURO holds a special place in every football fan’s heart and is very popular all around the world. It is an event which is conducted by the UEFA and the next installment of this flagship event is scheduled to be hosted in 2020. This time the event has seen some of the major changes.




The traditional one host country system has been omitted and it will be held in 12 different cities throughout Europe. It is scheduled to be held from 12 June to 12 July 2020.




Apart from that, another major introduction is the Video Assistant referee (VAR) system which will be used for the first time at the UEFA EURO.


Portugal, led by the legendary Cristiano Ronaldo are the defending champions of UEFA EURO, winning the 2016 edition.




UEFA EURO Qualifiers for UEFA EURO 2020 is scheduled between March to November 2019. There are a total of 55 teams who are going to fight for the qualification to the UEFA EURO 2020. Twenty teams will earn their places through the groups and another four will qualify via a new playoff system introduced by UEFA.




The UEFA EURO Qualifiers playoffs will take place between 26 March – 31 March 2020 and the UEFA EURO Final tournament will start from 12 June 2020.




The UEFA EURO Matchday one is scheduled on March 21st, 2019. There will be 10 matches played on the Matchday one.




Here is the full schedule for the UEFA EURO 2020 Qualifiers announced by UEFA.



A total of 55 teams from Europe will play for the qualification in the UEFA EURO 2020 Finals. The tournament will be played in 12 different cities and there is no one particular host to the tournament meaning there is no direct entry in the UEFA EURO 2O2O. All the teams have to fight to earn their place and will play the qualifiers. 
Let’s have a look at the teams that will play in the Qualifiers – 
Group A
Group B
Group C
Group D
Group E

Group F

Group G

Group H

Group I

Group J



UEFA EURO Qualifiers Full schedule

MATCHDAY ONE                                      

21 MARCH 2019

  • Kazakhstan v Scotland
  • Cyprus v San Mariano
  • Netherlands v Belarus
  • Northern Ireland v Estonia
  • Croatia v Azerbaijan
  • Slovakia v Hungary
  • Austria v Poland
  • FYR Macedonia v Latvia
  • Israel v Slovenia
  • Belgium v Russia

22 MARCH 2019

  • Bulgaria v Montenegro
  • England v Czech Republic
  • Luxembourg v Lituania
  • Portugal v Ukraine
  • Albania v Turkey
  • Andora v Iceland
  • Moldova v France

23 MARCH 2019

  • Georgia v Switzerland
  • Gibraltar v Republic of Ireland
  • Malta v the Faroe Islands
  • Sweden v Romania
  • Spain v Norway
  • Bosnia- Herzegovina v Armenia
  • Italy v Finland
  • Liechtenstein v Greece

MATCHDAY TWO                                      

24 MARCH 2019

  • Wales v Slovakia
  • Kazakhstan v Russia
  • Hungary v Croatia
  • Israel v Austria
  • San Marino v Scotland
  • Netherlands v Germany
  • Northern Ireland v Belarus
  • Poland v Latvia
  • Slovenia v FYR Macedonia
  • Cyprys v Belgium

25 MARCH 2019

  • Turkey v Moldova
  • Kosovo v Bulgaria
  • Montenegro v England
  • Luxembourg v Ukraine
  • Portugal v Serbia
  • Andora v Albania
  • France v Iceland

26 MARCH 2019

  • Armenia v Finland
  • Republic of Ireland v Georgia
  • Switzerland v Denmark
  • Malta v Spain
  • Norway v Sweden
  • Romania v the Faroe Islands
  • Bosnia- Herzegovina v Greece
  • Italy v Liechtenstein

MATCHDAY THREE                                  

O7 JUNE 2019

  • Georgia v Gibraltar
  • Czech Republic v Bulgaria
  • Montenegro v Kosovo
  • Lithuania v Luxembourg
  • Ukraine v Serbia
  • Denmark v Republic of Ireland
  • Faroe Islands v Spain
  • Norway v Romania
  • Sweden v Malta
  • Austria v Slovenia
  • FYR Macedonia v Poland
  • Latvia v Israel

JUNE 8 2019

  • Croatia v Wales
  • Iceland v Albania
  • Estonia v Northern Ireland
  • Azerbaijan v Hungary
  • Moldova v Andorra
  • Russia v San Marino
  • Armenia v Liechtenstein
  • Finland v Bosnia- Herzegovina
  • Belarus v Germany
  • Turkey v France
  • Belgium v Kazakhstan
  • Scotland v Cyprus
  • Greece v Italy

MATCHDAY FOUR                                        

June 10 2019

  • Bulgaria v Kosovo
  • Czech Republic v Montenegro
  • Serbia v Lituania
  • Ukraine v Luxembourg
  • Denmark v Georgia
  • Republic of Ireland v Gibraltar
  • Faroe Islands v Norway
  • Malta v Romania
  • Spain v Sweden
  • FYR Macedonia v Austria
  • Latvia v Slovenia
  • Poland v Isreal

June 11 2019

  • Kazakhstan v San Marino
  • Azerbaijan v Slovakia
  • Belarus v Northern Ireland
  • Germany v Estonia
  • Hungary v Wales
  • Albania v Moldova
  • Andorra v France
  • Iceland v Turkey
  • Belgium v Scotland
  • Russia v Cyprus
  • Greece v Armenia
  • Italy v Bosnia- Herzegovina
  • Liechtenstein v Finland
MATCHDAY FIVE                                              

September 5
  • Armenia v Italy
  • Gibraltar v Denmark
  • Republic Of Ireland v Switzerland
  • Faroe Islands v Sweden
  • Morway v Malta
  • Romania v Spain
  • Israel v FYR Macedonia
  • Bosnia- Herzegovina v Liechtenstein
  • Finland v Greece

September 6

  • Estonia v Belarus
  • Cyprus v Kazakhstan
  • Germany v Netherlands
  • Slovakia v Croatia
  • Wales v Azerbaijan
  • Austria v Latvia
  • Slovenia v Poland
  • San Marino v Belgium
  • Scotland v Russia

September 7

  • Kosovo v Czech Republic
  • England v Bulgaria
  • Lithuania v Ukraine
  • Iceland v Moldova
  • Serbia v Portugal
  • France v Albania
  • Turkey v Andorra

MATCHDAY SIX                                            

September 8

  • Armenia v Bosnia-Herzegovina
  • Georgia v Denmark
  • Switzerland v Gibraltar
  • Romania v Malta
  • Spain v Faroe Islands
  • Sweden v Norway
  • Finland v Italy
  • Greece v Leichtenstein

September 9

  • Azerbaijan v Croatia
  • Estonia v Netherlands
  • Northern Ireland v Germany 
  • Hungary v Slovakia
  • Latvia v FYR Macedonia
  • Poland v Austria
  • Slovenia v israel
  • Russia v kazakhstan
  • San Marino v cyprus
  • Scotland v belgium

September 10

  • England v Kosovo
  • Montenegro v Czech Republic
  • Lithuania v Pritugal
  • Luxembourg v Sernia
  • Albania v iceland
  • France v Andorra
  • Moldova v Turkey

MATCHDAY SEVEN                                        


  • Kazakhstan v Cyprus
  • Belarus v Estonia
  • Netherlands v Northern ireland
  • Croatia v Hungary
  • Slovakia v Wales
  • Austria v isreal
  • FYR Macedonia v Slovania
  • Latvia v polnad
  • Belgium v San Marino
  • Russia v Scotland


  • Czech Republic v England
  • Montenegro v England
  • Portugal v Luxembourg
  • Ukraine v Lithuania
  • Andorra v Moldova
  • Iceland v France
  • Turkey v Albania


  • Georgia v Republic of Ireland
  • Denmark v Switzerland
  • Faroe Island v Romania
  • Bosnia- Herzegovina v Finland
  • Malta v Sweden
  • Norway v Sweden
  • Italy v Greece
  • Liechtenstein v Armenia

MATCHDAY EIGHT                                       


  • Kazakhstan V Belgium
  • Belarus v Netherlands
  • Hungary v Azerbaijan
  • Cyprus v Russia
  • Scotland v San Marino
  • Estonia v Germany
  • Wales v Croatia
  • Poland v FYR Macedonia
  • Slovenia v Austria


  • Bulgaria v England
  • Kosovo v Montenegro
  • Lithuania v Serbia
  • Ukraine v Portugal
  • France v Turkey
  • Iceland v Andorra
  • Moldova v Albania


  • Finland v Armenia
  • Gibraltar v Gerogia
  • Switzerland v Republuc of Ireland
  • Faroe Islands v Malta
  • Romania v Norway
  • Sweden v Spain
  • Israel v Latvia
  • Greece v Bosnia- Herzegovina
  • Liechtenstein v Italy

MATCHDAY NINE                                   


  • Turkey v Iceland
  • Czech Republic v Kosovo
  • England v Montenegro
  • Portugal v Lithuania
  • Serbia v Luxembourg
  • Albania v Andorra
  • France v Moldova


  • Norway v Faroe Islands
  • Armenia v Greece
  • Finland v Leichtenstein
  • Denmark v Gibraltar
  • Switzerland v Georgia
  • Rimania v Sweden
  • Spain v Malta
  • Bosnia- Herzegovina v Italy


  • Cyprus v Scotland
  • Azerbaijan v Wales
  • Slovenia v Latvia
  • Russia v Belgium
  • San Marino v Kazakhsyan
  • Germany v Belarus
  • Northern Ireland v Netherlands
  • Croatia v Slovekia
  • Austria v FYR Macedonia
  • Israel v Poland

MATCHDAY TEN                                  


  • Luxembourg v Portugal
  • Serbia v Ukraine
  • Bulgaria v Czech Republic
  • Kosovo v England
  • Albania v France
  • Andorra v Turkey
  • Moldova v Iceland


  • Gibraltar v Switzerland
  • Republic of Ireland v Denmark
  • Malta v Norway
  • Spain v Romania
  • Sweden v Faroe Island
  • Greece v Finland
  • Italy v Armenia
  • Leichtenstein v Bosnia-Herzegovina


  • Germany v Northern Ireland
  • Netherlands v Estonia
  • Slovakia v Azerbaijan
  • Wales v Hungary
  • FYR Macedonia v Israel
  • Latvia v Austria
  • Poland v Slovenia
  • Belgium v Cyprus
  • San Marino v Russia
  • Scotland v Kazakhstan


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